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Glocom is a corporation that is transcending national boundaries to become a global company, supplying the world's leading technologies and products. Glocom has successfully developed thanks to the help of our many customers.

To overcome the low-value added environment that is the result of serious competition in the IT market, Glocom is expanding its business into Household Air Purifier and Car Air Purifier market and IT-fusion products, where we aim to supply high-value added products. Glocom will supply products made with the world's leading technology in the field of Air Purifier application and network equipments.

Reflecting our motto, Glocom is filled with honesty and passion, and is never afraid of new challenges and experiments. Glocom will prove that it can be at the top of its fields based on honesty and passion. Glocom will grow into a corporation that brings happiness to its customers by providing brands and products that satisfy the whole world.

Moon, Yang-Hyeon, CEO