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Next Generation AIR PURIFIER e-Film Filter
Air purifier film filters
Air Purifier's Strong Point compared to others ?
The most of Solar Modules have limitation for location and carry, but GLOCOM products can used for varies locations and easy to carry to where sunlight is exist. There fore, the range of application is enamors.
Amorphous Silicon
Introduction of 33X2 Product

1. Core Technology of Permanent SEFF (Static Electricity Film?Filter)'s Adoption

SEFF's film has '+','-' polarity on their both sides. The air passes in zigzag through the narrow tunnel of the polymer resin film that has permanent static electricity. The fine dusts in the inner part sticks to the film due to the an electrostatic phenomenon of the both sides, therefore it can easily catch the finest dusts that are nano-size (less than 3 ㎛).
? Patent # :10-0618464(air purifier filter)

2. Product's power and design to be acknowledged by the nation

Filter is working in parallel with air flow and minimize air flow velocity's loss. Compared to other product to applying to same indoor space, small dimension and weight. Air circulation of equivalent amount air with other's bigger product available with minimum power consumption. From initial design phase, product's safety was developed with the utmost efforts, considering newborn baby and children's environment to be focused.

3. Simple/Low-cost Maintenance & High confidence level of A/S

Maintenance & Management
- 3 Year ? long Filter's lifetime
AIRVAX Filter is embossing processed cylindrical -rolling type, with 25 m in length, Area of 1.6 m² (general filter's 10 times in area). So, 3 year's life time guaranteed, based on operation condition of [ 24 Hr x 365 Days x 3 Year ] time
- Simple cleaning and Easy changeable Filter's Replacement
When using it, dust will be mostly collected at filter's upper part. Please remove it once a month by using vacuum cleaner and water, and use it again. After 3 year's use of filter, please change to new filter.
- Maximum of 5 Watt ? Small Power Consumption
AIRVAX is 5 Watt power consumption at High Operating. That's why electric fee is about usd 0.1 in Korea (based on 24 hr operation)

4. Product's Features

Function & Design

By analyzing incoming air's resistance and collision factor, minimize the noise with Round and Funnel structure of internal design
Primary and secondary filter of double structure improve adsorptive power of incoming micro particle , minimize fallout and penetration
By using built-in 120mm Fan, induce increase in air pressure, reduce Fan? rpm, and by installing shock buffering device, absorb vibration noise
Thru 1~3 step? variable speed system, adjust ventilation speed, and customer’s satisfaction with? soft backlight light and high quality finishing button
Remote controlled operation and convenient? use
Customer's Benefit
· Neat design with round/cylindrical looking for safety
· No paint and coating, No secondary contamination's risk
· Colleting super-micro dust(0.3μm blow) ASTHMA reduction's effective solution
· One-stop solution for Virus/CO/ VOC/ Smell's removal, and ATOPY's reduction
· Due to NO secondary harmful composition , Safe for Mom, baby, children, allergic person and patient
. Reasonable pricing
· Long filter lifecycle with lowest-cost maintenance fee (general filter's 10 times AREA, replacement : 3 years)
· 12V DC power, low electric fee (Monthly usd 0.1 based on korea)

Comparison Chart
HEPA filter has difficulties in catching fine dusts and an ion method causes Ozone(O3)…
Recent air cleaners have mostly used HEPA filters and the ion method. But HEPA filters can HARDLY catch fine dusts that are smaller than 0.3㎛ due to their limits of a gap, and the ion method unavoidably cause ozone which can bring not only vomiting or dizziness but atopy or a respiratory disease. skyVAX creatively adopted e-film Filter, which powerfully catches very fine dusts without causing any secondary Hazardous Substances.
  Existing Filters AIRVAX
HEPA Electric Wet Ionized e-film Filter
Method non-woven corona discharge water Anion Permanence
Fabric filter Production static electricity?
Ozone(O3)Production No Yes No Yes No
Catching under 0.3㎛ dust No Yes Yes Yes Yes
VOCs No Yes No Yes Yes
Smell? No No Yes No Yes
Noise High Low Low Low Low
Filter Lifecycle 1 month Permanence Under 1 month Permanence 3 years
(need cleaning) (need cleaning) (need cleaning)

Main Features (I)

Main Features (II)
Fine dusts, exhaust gas from carsAvoid/Remove (NOX,SOX) Avoid/Remove?Sick house/car syndrome, VOCs? Avoid/Remove?Virus, mold, allergen, bacteria
It can catch fine dusts that are even nano size as e-FILM FILTER has powerful static electricity, and also catch non-polar fine dusts as they pass through the filter where it becomes polar by induction static electricity. Hazardous particle? such as formaldehyde, toluene? frin Paints, glues or bonds, insulations, or seats have polar, so the powerful static electricity of e-FILM FILTER can catch them. Germs, such as Mold, mildew and bacteria have polar as they are living things and have H20, the powerful static electricity of e-FILM FILTER can catch them.
Avoid/RemoveTobacco smoke Avoid/Remove?carbon monoxide (CO) It does not causeSecondary Hazardous Substances?
The tobacco smoke in the house or office have approximately? 60% (30% ”+”, 30% ”-”, 40% non-polar, particle size 50㎚~500㎚) polar, not only polar particle, but the rest 40% of non-polar particle can be caught as they pass through the e-FILM FILTER, by induction static electricity. As a result of the test of removal of carbon monoxide, its capacity of catching carbon monoxide that are caused by automobile exhaust fumes, cooking, breathes from human bodies are excellent.? Electric Collector Type or aromatic mixing type cause headache, vomiting, drowsiness and atopy as they occur secondary Hazardous Substances like ozone , Carbon Monoxide(CO), aromatic annex, ionized dust and fine dust but e-FILM FILTER has a totally different system which never cause? secondary Hazardous Substances at all.

Main Feature (III)

Model AIRVAX-33X2
Power INPUT 100~240V /
50~ 60Hz
OUTPUT 12V / 1.0A
Mode High Mode Normal Mode Silent Mode
Powerconsumption 5.1W 3.9W 2.9W
CFM (㎥/min) 80(31.4) 62(24.4) 41(16.1)
UsingSpace 269sq.ft.* (25㎡)
Dimension 6-15/16 in.(W)x6-15/16 in.(D)x11-1/2 in(H) 177mm(W)x177mm(D)x292mm(H)
Weight 3.7 lbs (1.7Kg)


Patent and Test Result

2 patents, 2 utility models

CO,VOCs? test


Microdust? test? results

Test? FILTER : 33ⅹ170? 1EA
subdivision ?in use as First in use as Second note
before(unit) after(unit) rate(%) before(unit) after(unit) rate(%)
0.3㎛ 215,440 90,160 58.15 246,917 90,045 63.53 measure after 5 minutes
0.5㎛ 72,440 16,695 76.95 79,976 13,600 82.99
1.0㎛ 25,078 5,046 79.89 21,310 3,618 83.02
5.0㎛ 25 2 92 25 2 92
0.3㎛   50,701 76.47   51,158 79.27 measure after 10 minutes
0.5㎛   6,801 90.61   5,105 93.62
1.0㎛   1,811 92.78   1,178 94.47
5.0㎛   0 100   0 100
0.3㎛   32,029 85.13   34,524 86.02 measure after 15 minutes
0.5㎛   3,259 95.5   2,743 96.57
1.0㎛   770 96.93   561 97.37
5.0㎛   0 100   0 100
0.3㎛   21,153 90.18   22,760 90.78 measure after 20 minutes
0.5㎛   1,880 97.4   1,544 98.07
1.0㎛   438 98.25   317 98.51
5.0㎛   0 100   0 100

Test date: 2007 01 22 10:15 ~ 10:50 weather: clear / temp: 5℃ / humidity: 24%

Setting condition: FAN-JF1238B1LR, 12V, 0.21A / FILTER-08033ⅹ170? / 1㎥ Chamber Test

Test Results

1) CO gas catch test result

2)VOCs (Toluene) catch test result

Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology

Test Results

3) Bacteriomycota Catch Test Result (Korea Testing & Research Institute )

Institute? Korea Testing & Research Institute?
Period 2008.01.24 ~ 2008.02.12
Method Check the number of bacterium & fungi in 3.3cm*5.0cm size of sample filter
Result   NO. Place & Period bacterium
1st filter 1-1 Apartment
3 Month
3.0Ⅹ102 10
2-1 Office
3 Month
2.3Ⅹ102 10
3-1 Storehouse
3D Days
80 3.2Ⅹ102
2nd filter? 1-2 Apartment
3 Month
50 10
2-2 Office
3 Month
40 10
3-2 Storehouse
3D Days
10 10
Note - the number of bacterium & fungi in new filter : 10CFU/3.3㎠
- Full Size of the filter is 3.3 Ⅹ 2500 Ⅹ 2 (cm)
Vod View
airvax_chamber_test TV_KBS_080618 Airvax_ntsc

Air purifier film filters