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- Smartphone Screen Protective Film -

- 0.3mm ultra-slim film made by special materials can absorb shocks !!!

- Our Ultra-Shield Protective Film can protect the screen by absorbing any sizes of shock !!!

- This film can protect not only shocks but also scratch and finger mark !!!

Overall Features

The Best Protective Film Ever !!!

- Powerful Shock Absorption
- 0.3mm Ultra Slim
- Scratch Proof
- Finger Mark Proof
- High Transmittance
- UV Protection

This Ultra Shield Protective film is created with our own first-ever technology.

We asked the Certificate Authority to do the test with our product by dropping the iron ball – Heavier than 1kg - to the screen protected by our film.
The result was “Nothing Happened”.

Detailed Features 1

Scratch Proof !!!

Our own scratch proof technology can let our customers use smartphones without scratch as long as possible !!!


0.3mm Ultra Slim !!!

Ultra slim feature will enable our customers to attach our film on even curved screen !!!

0.3mm slim film will not make your phone fat !!!


High Transmittance !!!

Our customers are surprised with the degree of the transparency of Our Ultra Shield Protective Film – Almost 100% !!! Even better after attaching !!! And it lasts forever !!!!


Finger mark Proof !!!

The coating of our film makes our film free from the contamination – such as finger mark, dirty, dust, and makeup !!!


No Bubble !!!

Our Ultra Shield Film is easy to attach on the screen as it adopts “Silicon Adhesion Technology”, which allows our customers to attach for themselves !!!

Our customers can also use “the Push Stick” included to get rid of the bubble if any !!!


Multi-Layers & Films !!!

Multi-layers and films create the perfect cushion to absorb all shock !!!


Steps to attach

Step 1. Get rid of dusts by using the Cleaner !

Step 2. Detach the skin film marked by No #1 sticker from the Protective Film and attach the Protective Film to the screen.

Step 3. If air bubbles appear, please get rid of them by using the push stick.

             If they are too many, please re-try after detaching.

Step 4. After completing attaching, please detaching the skin film marked by No #2.

Certification & TEST Result





1.04kg Iron Ball TEST RESULT