Smart Keeper

Link Lock
Model CSK-LK11
Description Honesty & Passion! This is Glocom's Vision

Administrators to control the use of any USB device

Only approved devices can be used

Prevents unauthorized removal of attached USB devices without a key


USB keyboard/mouse, thumb drive, AP etc., selectively control the use of USB devices


USB 3.0 compatible
With USB cable cover, Link Lock securely locks in USB device to USB port
Without USB cable cover, USB device can be removed but cant be reinserted w/o authorization
Uses customized Lock key to unlock


Control the use of USB ports by outside contractors and employees
Customized Lock key
Innovative physical IT security product to effectively control the use of USB port
Made in Korea / Not sold to public


US Patented 14/815,674, Korea Patented 10-1406202, 10-1559529, Patent Pending in EU, China
2015 Korea Patent Award (KOREAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY OFFICE). Link Lock Registered Trademark


1.61 L x .63 W x .62 H (Link Lock), 1.54 L x .73 W x .77 H (Cable cover) / Weight: .47 oz.

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