Smart Keeper

USB Port Lock
Model CSK-UL10
Description Honesty & Passion! This is Glocom's Vision

A front line security product that blocks USB ports physically without power or programs, and prevents internal data leaks and unauthorized USB port uses


Any system equipped with USB ports


Double locking structure makes hard to tamper
Numerous key patterns and only working with a right manufactured key
Static test passed
Due to a very thin key hole(0.016”), difficult to open with other methods


Very economical compared to other security solutions
Easy installation, immediate use and long lasting product (No upgrades or maintenances necessary)
Made in Korea
Not for sale to the individuals or retailers (End-user verification required)


Korea Patented #10-1323364, 10-1391975
US Patented #14/815.552, China Patent Pending #201480019182.5
2015 Korea Patent JI SEOK YOUNG Award


(W*L*H) 0.49” x 0.40” x 0.19” (12.4 x 10.2 x 4.7mm) / Weight: 0.03oz (0.9g)

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