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LAN cable lock

Tool to control network using not to separate LAN cable connected with system(PC, switch etc) from system


LAN cable lock (Model name: CSK-NC10)

Range of application

• Network equipment of computer system such as server & PC etc and network switch etc.
• External device connected to network such as traffic controller etc.
• Applicable to all the systems connected to network such as network CCTV, security equipment etc.


• After inserting LAN cable(RJ45Jack) into LAN cable lock and binding, if it is inserted into network port, it can’t be arbitrarily taken out before unlocking with a lock key.
• Reinforce security with extremely limited insertion of foreign material other than key with thin key structure of 0.4mm.

Effect & advantage

Available for network security control without introducing system for separate network control
• Effective for security of network separation system separating and using PC for work and internet PC
• Applicable easily for network control of flexible development manpower such as SI development company etc
• High operation efficiency by low cost & easy


Patent application 10-2014-0086186 (LAN port lock locking device)


(Height x Width x Length) 16.5 * 13.7 * 15.5mm. / Thickness of key hole 0.5mm