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Link lock

Pure physical security device that can select, control system USB port physically so that only a specific USB device(keyboard/mouse port, USB memory etc.) permitted by security controller can be used  concurrently blocking USB port physically.


Link lock (Model name: CSK-LK10)

Range of application

• Control so that all the USB devices such as USB keyboard/mouse, dongle, AP etc. can be selectively used


• USB 3.0 interchangeable
• In case of arbitrarily taking out during the use of the permitted port, the port is automatically closed and not inserted again.
• When port is reused, withdraw & unlock using the same pattern lock key as link lock
• Reinforce security with extremely limited insertion of foreign material other than key with thin key structure of 0.4mm.

Effect & advantage

• Effective external(maintenance repair man, insider object) control of USB
• Increase security with various key pattern operation
• Physical security product enabling effective media control.
• High quality

Patent 10-1406202,  ‘Link lock’ trade mark registration


(Height x Width x Length) 20.5 x 11.2 x 41mm Weight: 10g /Thickness of key hole 0.5mm