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lock key

Key using as product application or unlocking of new port lock, link lock, LAN cable lock etc


E-SATA lock (Model name: CSK-U10)

Range of application

• New port lock, link lock, LAN cable lock etc.


• Maximize security with a thin key structure
• Key header part is moved and stored to the inside of key body to protect a key header
• A latch switch is placed to even side for user friendliness

Effect & advantage

• Able to control key efficiently since various products with one key can be used
• Able to control key efficiently by minimizing control points since various system I/O port lock with one lock key can be controlled.
• Key control through serial number for security of key   - Unspecified distribution prevention. Provide a serial number of hologram sticker its own of void function(It is needed in additional order and product replacement. Able to trace a lock key)
• High quality   


(Height x Width x Length) 21 x 29 x 118mm   / Thickness of key 0.4mm