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PC lock

Perform 2 functions such as anti-opening of main body panel and antitheft of PC to protect its internal storage device etc


PC lock (Model name: CSK-SL01)

Range of application

• Applicable to PC for work and partial server


• Antitheft of computer main body(Able to bind to PC lock and table with a cable lock) and its internal storage
• Lock and seal a PC cover to prevent the theft of devices(HDD, RAM, graphic card etc.)
• When unlocking, open with a unique key provided
• Locking structure without separate change or screw hole of system main body
• Provide antitheft wire for antitheft of PC main body(Option)

Effect & advantage

• Theft prevention of asset & leak protection of value information
• When operating & demanding various keys, provide unique key(When meeting quantity term)
• High quality


Patent application 10-2014-0165462 (Computer case locking device)