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Since its foundation in 2002, when the IT business was just starting to flourish, Glocom's R&D Center, since founded in 2002 for the IT business which just started to flourish, has pursued customized-made research and development in the continuously changing IT industry.

The future of Glocom's plan for the future is to make more efforts to develop the products that will satisfy customers are satisfied with. Glocom R&D Center exerts strives itself to develop the technologies in the fields of mobile IT terminals and automobile-related IT for the purpose of becomingso that it will become a leader in the future IT industry.

All the of the researchers of the Glocom R&D Center are doing their best to make Glocom into the a corporation that thinks about the future rather than the past, and that can becomes a leader in the new era.
Date Established : December 2007
Patent NO : 10-1213665 LED smart street light using solar light
Patent NO : 30-0640309 LED smart street light using solar light (Design)