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USB Port lock

As the 1st security product blocking USB port physically without pulling in ?electric or program, security tool preventing external invasion blocking and? internal document leak after inserting USB portlock in specification USB port directly and sealing it.


USB port lock (Model name: CSK-UL10)

Range of application

? Able to apply all the USB-equipped system.


? Reinforce stopping power of compulsory withdrawal through dual lock structure
? With various pattern structure, withdraw, unlock using the same pattern as port lock
? Insulation test(Prevent shortage during installation) product ? Self test report
? Reinforce security with limited insertion of foreign material other than key with thin key structure of ?0.4mm.

Effect & advantage

? Low introduction cost against other security solution
? Easy to install and able to use immediately semi-permanently(Maintenance repair & upgrade are not needed).
? High quality

Patent 10-1323364, patent10-1391975


(Height*Width*Length) 4.5 * 12.2 * 9.6mm.??? Weight: 0.87g / Thickness of key hole 0.5mm